Entry guidelines

These guidelines have been established to provide you with further ideas on what can be included in your entry. Many previous entrants have remarked on the simplicity of the entry process and it being a good discipline for the following reasons:

  • An opportunity to focus on your business by identifying your core strengths, competitive advantages, and any areas for further improvement
  • An opportunity to review and document your achievements and milestones over the previous calendar year
  • Helps create new levels of motivation and enthusiasm for the organisation by getting staff involved in the entry process.

What are the judges looking for?

Your point of difference

  • Innovative product and/or service development
  • Unique marketing and branding strategies
  • Unique customer markets
  • Evidence of positive outcomes or competitive advantage resulting from this point of difference, and how this links to improved performance
  • Your organisation’s guiding principles and company values - and how you involve key stakeholders (including staff, suppliers and customers).

Key characteristics of your business

  • Business objectives that have been achieved in 2015
  • Innovative initiatives that have been successfully employed
  • Unique organisational policies – internal and/or external benefits
  • Examples of ways your business has added value to the Canterbury region, business community or the community in general
  • Buying locally
  • Local sponsorships, e.g. involvement in community/charitable initiatives
  • Branding/marketing behaviour that reinforces positive social values
  • Active involvement in a local business organisation or industry group
  • Other awards achieved or won
  • Innovative responses to changes in your enterprise’s operating environment
  • Product integrity
  • Application of innovation/technology
  • Attitude/role in ensuring sustainability in our environment – environmental, financial, and social sustainability
  • Ethical and responsible governance model strategies.

People management

  • Outstanding commitment to employees through human resource strategies, programmes or initiatives
  • Examples of investment in personnel development and cultivation of organisational culture
  • Staff uptake/ownership of human resources programmes, or new organisational cultures/environments including workplace flexibility, wellbeing initiatives, and recruitment and retention programmes
  • Innovative responses to any skilled worker/skill shortages within your enterprise
  • Support for new migrant staff through the provisions of settlement support and pastoral care
Champion Charity Award Guidelines

The Champion Charity Award recognises excellence in performance by a Canterbury based charity. This award is for non-profit organisations that are:

  • an incorporated society, association or organisation, which is not carried on for the purpose of providing profits or gains to any member or shareholder, and whose governing rules or constitution restrict any distribution of funds to any member or shareholder.
  • any entity registered under the Charities Act 2005.
  • a not-for-profit educational institution or body, church or church administration organisation.

The judging process

  • Up to 35 business and community leaders vote independently. Judges who identify a potential conflict of interest are removed from judging the category in which they are conflicted.

  • There are two rounds of judging – one to determine finalists from all entries, and one to determine winners from finalists. Judges make those decisions solely based on the entry forms submitted by the business.

  • Judges vote by ranking their top three businesses in order. Votes are then tallied and audited by PwC who independently verify the impartiality and accuracy of the judging process. In the event of a draw upon tally of the final vote, winners will be determined based on the greatest number of first places received.

  • As a finalist, you must win your category to be eligible to win The Press Champion Canterbury Supreme Award.

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