Frequently asked questions

When are entries due?
Nominations and entries for 2018 open on Monday 7 May. Nominations close on Friday 25 May, and entries close on Monday 18 June.
Does our organisation have to be nominated to enter?
No, businesses and charities can enter themselves.

What happens after I nominate a business or charity?
If you nominate a business or charity, we will make contact with them to inform them they have been nominated, and send them the entry form to fill out. Nominations are confidential, but you are welcome to let the organisation know you’ve made the nomination and encourage them to enter.
How many categories can our organisation enter?
Organisations can enter one category in its own right, or one sector category and one specialty category.
How does an organisation choose which category to enter?
Many businesses will be eligible for multiple categories. You should choose the category that most suits the emphasis you wish to highlight in your entry.
Can I submit further information with my entry?
No. Your entry must be submitted via our online entry form. Entries in other formats and supporting information will not be accepted. Website links will not be accepted. Please adhere to the word limits provided.

How much does it cost to enter?
There is no cost to enter the Champion Canterbury Business Awards. However, entrants will need to purchase tickets to the awards ceremony if they become a finalist.
How does the judging process work?
Up to 35 business and community leaders vote independently. Judges who identify a potential conflict of interest are removed from judging the category in which they are conflicted. There are two rounds of judging – one to determine finalists from all entries, and one to determine winners from finalists. Judges make those decisions solely based on the entry forms submitted by the business. Judges vote by ranking their top three businesses in order. Votes are then tallied and audited by PwC who independently verify the impartiality and accuracy of the judging process. In the event of a draw upon tally of the final vote, winners will be determined based on the greatest number of first places received. As a finalist, you must win your category to be eligible to win the Supreme Award.
When will we know if we've become a finalist?
Finalists will be notified prior to Friday 20 July so they can attend our finalists' function.
What do we get if we win?
Whether you are a winner or not, all businesses and charities that are chosen as finalists receive the benefits of media coverage and profile during the awards programme. Details of finalist and winner benefits can be find on our finalist benefits page.
How much are tickets to the awards ceremony?
Tickets will be available to finalists as soon as they are notified, and to the general public in August. The ticket price includes admission to the awards ceremony, a three course dinner, beverages, and entertainment.

When will I get my awards ceremony tickets?
Tickets will be couriered three weeks prior to the awards ceremony.
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